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Car clutch replacement parts - Valeo India

Car clutch replacement parts

As a major supplier to both OE manufacturers and the aftermarket, Valeo is a transmission systems specialist.

Valeo Transmission Systems’ mission is to supply a comprehensive offer for all powertrain architectures with innovative technologies developed for efficient and comfortable power transfer from the engine to the transmission while reducing fuel consumption.

Valeo’s complete range ensures an optimal solution for parts replacement on any type of clutch system.

Valeo Quality

All Valeo clutches are manufactured according to Valeo's highest quality standards, making Valeo products efficient, reliable and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Whether equipping OEM vehicles from the factory or sold as replacement parts for the aftermarket, Valeo car clutch parts offer the same OE quality.


Valeo Reliability

Valeo clutches’ reliability is proven by their performance in the most hostile operating environments. Valeo aftermarket customers benefit from this Original Equipment (OE) expertise, rigour and quality. The solid flywheel in the Valeo Kit4P clutch kit comes with a promise of 1 million km, demonstrating Valeo clutch parts’ reliability.

Valeo Expertise

Valeo’s expertise in research and development has driven noise and vibration reduction. New designs in car clutch systems allow for enhanced driving comfort through smoother gear shifts while protecting the driveline. Valeo is sharing its expertise in clutch systems through our free webinars to inform customers about the latest technologies or to guide them through repairs.

Valeo Innovation

Valeo’s 58 R&D centres around the world continue to advance the latest technologies. Valeo’s innovation is apparent in its renowned friction material, its hydraulic clutch systems, and clutch kits. 

One notable example of Valeo innovation in clutch systems is the Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC), which saves weight and reduces pedal load and vibrations in hydraulic and semi-hydraulic clutch systems. Valeo continues to innovate in car clutches, winning the PACE award in 2022 for its Pendulum Dual Mass Flywheel Gen. 2

Valeo Sustainability

Valeo is dedicated to sustainabilityconstantly striving to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact while increasing value for our customers. This goal is why we have offered remanufactured parts for the past 30 years, including clutch parts like Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF) and Dual Wet Clutches (DWC). 

Remanufacturing parts can save customers money while providing the same OE quality you expect from a Valeo product. Going forward, Valeo aims to incorporate a “4R” approach into product design, including Remanufacturing, Repairability, Recycling, and Robust Aftermarket Design. 

Valeo Variety

Every vehicle is different, which is why Valeo offers a variety of solutions for clutch replacement parts. Whether you need a dual mass or solid flywheel, hydraulic or mechanical clutch, manual or any kind of automated gearbox, Valeo provides a range of replacement parts you need to repair your clutch with the highest quality parts. 

Valeo Support

In addition to the information included with parts and our free webinars, Valeo offers added customer support through its Technical Hotline, where experts provide quick and professional answers for fitment issues, application enquiries, and more. Visit our Tech@ssist part finder portal for model-specific parts information.

You can also view our webinars to learn more about the latest clutch systems or how to perform repairs step-by-step. 



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