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Truck compressors for air conditioning system

Air conditioning cleaners and air purifier for truck - Valeo India

The compressor is the driving element of the cold A/C loop and is also the most complex in terms of its technology features. Valeo, thanks to its expertise, has developed a full range of new compressors with different technologies to meet most of the customers’ expectations.

A compressor is designed according to two main types of technology: the piston type or the rotary type. The Piston type is the most common. Inside the piston type, you could find the swash plate technology and the wobble plate technology. Concerning the rotary type, the two main types of technology are the vane technology and the scroll technology.


Valeo compressor technologies are sorted into three categories: DKV, DKS and DCS. Each Valeo compressor is tested following the O.E. process: leakage, durability, noise, vibration… With more than 440 part numbers, you will find the compressor you need at Valeo. Thanks to its O.E. expertise and innovations in terms of technological features, Valeo is able to meet the vehicle’s requirements.

Valeo compressors are optimized, designed with a perfect finish and selection of all components, especially on the valves, bearings, pistons, swash plate and clutch for high reliability and an enhanced performance. Valeo strives to reduce noise and vibrations level for driver comfort. The compressor must be replaced after a crash, a breakdown or a leak. When replacing the compressor, you must check and flush the A/C loop, and change the receiver drier and the expansion valve.

Valeo ClimPur™ performs with triple action: it cleans, disinfects and protects. It does not damage A/C systems, prevents evaporator corrosion, eliminates bad odors and leaves a delicate lemon fragrance.

ClimPur™ is safe & friendly for A/C and for the workshop user. Completely non-flammable formula, rarely present on other similar products on the market: this is crucial for garage security.

Valeo ClimPur™ is not aggressive and moreover eliminates bacteria efficiently, guaranteeing you curative and long-lasting results. Neutral PH and conforms with the standard EN1040 for bactericide formulae. Mousses or heavy formulas may block the A/C system.

ClimPur™, unlike many products which are currently on the market, has a microscopic formula based on the ultrafine drops which maximizes correct product distribution and efficiency.