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Coolant Protective™ for car

Coolant Protective™ for car

Valeo has extended its Coolant range with 4 new coolant technologies to cover 99% of the vehicles on the market !

Valeo Protectiv™ Coolant range has today the best coverage among Thermal key players in Europe

Valeo supplies customers with Coolant Protectiv TM in whole Europe but also in Asia and Middle East


Valeo Protectiv™: an optimized Coolant range to answer all customer’s needs:

Valeo Protectiv TM new range covers the 6 below technologies, each one proposing both Ready-to-Use and Concentrated solutions:

  • G11 - Hybrid - For quite old vehicles
  • G12 – Organic - Originally for VW but now used by other car makers
  • G12++  - Organic + Silicates - For all modern engines, especially those made of aluminium NEW
  • G13 -  Organic + Silicates + Glycerine - For all modern engines, especially those made of aluminium NEW
  • Inorganic – For older models mainly  - NEW
  • Hybrid Heavy Duty – For trucks & buses mainly - NEW

⚠️Technologies are defined by the car-maker specifications and the customer has to follow the car-maker recommendation.

Valeo Protectiv TM new range - composed of 29 references - proposes a clear and complete customer offer with:

  • 4 capacities: 1/5/25/1000 liters - to answer all customer needs
  • 1 or 2 color max per technology - to make easier customer choice

An improved packaging - label update with 12 European languages & clear safety instructions compliant with the latest European regulation


Valeo Protectiv™ provides the best for the cooling loop:

Valeo Protectiv TM range is the Valeo offer in Coolant to protect the cooling circuit from freezing in winter and overheating in summer, but it performs much more avoiding:

  • Corrosion
  • Scale deposit
  • Cavitation phenomenon
  • And foam formation

Valeo Protectiv TM range offers a high efficiency to the cooling system and a stable protection to your engine.


Top selling references:

VS RefCommercial NameTechnologyCapacityColorConcentration type
820700Protectiv 50G12 Type5lYellowReady to Use
820734Protectiv 100G12 Type1lYellowConcentrated
820872Protectiv 100G12 Type1lPinkConcentrated


21 new references:

VS RefCommercial NameTechnologyCapacityColorConcentration type
820874Protectiv 100Inorganic1lBlueConcentrated
820875Protectiv 50Inorganic5lBlueReady to Use
820876Protectiv 50Inorganic25lBlueReady to Use
820877Protectiv 100G12++ Type1lYellowConcentrated
820878Protectiv 50G12++ Type5lYellowReady to Use
820879Protectiv 50G12++ Type25lYellowReady to Use
820880Protectiv 50G12++ Type1000lYellowReady to Use
820881Protectiv 100G11 Type1lBlueConcentrated
820882Protectiv 50G11 Type5lBlueReady to Use
820883Protectiv 50G11 Type25lBlueReady to Use
820884Protectiv 100G12++ Type1lPinkConcentrated
820885Protectiv 50G12++ Type5lPinkReady to Use
820886Protectiv 50G12++ Type25lPinkReady to Use
820887Protectiv 50G12++ Type1000lPinkReady to Use
820888Protectiv 100G13 Type1lPinkConcentrated
820889Protectiv 50G13 Type5lPinkReady to Use
820890Protectiv 50G13 Type25lPinkReady to Use
820891Protectiv 50G13 Type1000lPinkReady to Use
820892Protectiv 100 HDHybrid Heavy Duty1lPinkConcentrated
820893Protectiv 50 HDHybrid Heavy Duty5lPinkReady to Use
820894Protectiv 50 HDHybrid Heavy Duty25lPinkReady to Use