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Valeo Silencio™ for car

silencio wiper blades - Valeo India

Valeo silencio for car 

Since its launch in 1998, the Valeo Silencio™ premium wiper blade range has brought the latest OE innovations to the independent aftermarket.

Valeo is recognized as the worldwide leader in windscreen wiper blades, producing 6 blades per second and over 100 million every year.

Throughout our 16 factories for wiper systems, Valeo’s 8,000 employees continue to pursue the highest quality possible.

Silencio wiper blades offer the same quality as those on a new car or LCV. A perfect match is guaranteed for wiper length, even distribution of pressure along the entire wiper blade, and wiper arm hitch type.

Did you know?

  • Always clean your windscreen before fitting a new windscreen wiper blade for best results.
  • Valeo wiper blades undergo rigorous testing, including test track laps and a 500,000-cycle endurance test.

OE Quality

As a major supplier to OE manufacturers, Valeo provides the same OE quality parts to the independent aftermarket.

The Silencio™ range includes hundreds of references spanning all blade types and model-specific kits.

The Silencio™ wiper blade range uses high-quality materials for enhanced durability and optimal wiping performance.

Valeo Innovation

Valeo’s 7 wiper research and development centres are focused on improving performance and safety with constant innovation like the advanced Aquablade™ wiper blades.

Aquablade™ further enhances the safety of conventional windscreen wipers by distributing washer fluid along the entire blade.

This design ensures a better clean, reduces washer fluid consumption, and saves a critical 4 metres of braking distance at 50 km/h.

Perfect Fit

Silencio wiper blades are guaranteed to match the lengthpressure applied to the entire blade length, and the type of hitch on the wiper arm.

Silencio blades include a variety of connections and adaptors to ensure a perfect fit on any vehicle.

Valeo Tested

Producing high-quality windscreen wipers requires more than excellent engineering and design. Valeo wiper blades undergo rigorous tests, including test track laps and a 500,000-cycle endurance test.

We have also confirmed our test data with the public, testing our wipers in real-life conditions. In a test conducted by the Fraunhofer institute, 70% of drivers who tried Aquablade™ wipers thought it could prevent accidents

All About Windscreen Wipers

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of wiper systems, the components of windscreen wipers, the latest wiper technology, and everything that goes into the design of Valeo Silencio™ wiper blades, watch our free webinar.

Our Valeo wiper expert will dive into issues like the regulations determining wiper sweeping frequency, how to counter airflow to ensure aerodynamics, and the diversity of windscreen wiper patterns.

You’ll also discover why rear wipers equip 80% of the European carparc.

Fitting Instructions

When fitting new wiper blades, you should always clean your windshield beforehand for the best results.

Consult the packaging or our catalogue for detailed fitting instructions for all of our Silencio™ wiper blades.

These instructions are specific for each adaptor type. The catalogue also gives tips for visually diagnosing wiper defects and assessing wiping quality.




- The best VALEO wipers

- The same is delivered on the first assembly line for the largest car manufacturers

- + 30% increased clamping force over conventional construction thanks to ultra-slim construction

Conventional Blade

- 100% metal construction and the high quality rubber

- Wear indicator

- Specialized solutions (additional spoiler, curved shape or spray nozzle)

Hybrid Blade

- O.E.design

- Special external spoiler increasing pressure on the glass

- Short 10-length range is compatible with 10 million cars in Europe (mainly asian car manufacturers)

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