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Silencio for car

Silencio for car

Quality, same as in a new car. Kits dedicated to specific car models. Perfect match guarantee: length, precision of full-length pressure and the type of hitch on the wiper arm.

Did you know?

  • For best results, you should always clean your windshield before fitting your new wiper blade.
  • Valeo wiper blades go through rigorous tests, including laps on a test track, and a 500,000 cycle endurance test.



- The best VALEO wipers

- The same is delivered on the first assembly line for the largest car manufacturers

- + 30% increased clamping force over conventional construction thanks to ultra-slim construction

Conventional Blade

- 100% metal construction and the high quality rubber

- Wear indicator

- Specialized solutions (additional spoiler, curved shape or spray nozzle)

Hybrid Blade

- O.E.design

- Special external spoiler increasing pressure on the glass

- Short 10-length range is compatible with 10 million cars in Europe (mainly asian car manufacturers)