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In 2024, Valeo is launching its largest ever brake pads range for electric and hybrid vehicles.

An Electrifying Marketplace

With 222 references and 92% coverage (Hybrid, EV, and PHEV), Valeo’s new brake pads range will account for over 15 million European vehicles.


As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, the number of vehicles on the road continues to grow. According to Frost & Sullivan’s report “European PHEV/BEV Aftermarket Growth Opportunities”, by 2030, 84% of vehicles made in Europe will be electrified and heading towards either 48V or fully electric.


High Grade Materials

While combustion engines are noisy and a bumpy ride, drivers of electric vehicles are able to get the exact driving experience everyone longs for—silent and comfortable. They also get peace of mind. Valeo’s E-performance brake pads use soft friction materials – composed of carbons and ceramics – which absorb noise and vibrations made during braking.


Because of these soft materials, 20-25% less brake dust is produced each time the brake is applied, and the brake pads last longer, helping to avoid vibrations in the steering wheel.

Added to that, Valeo’s EV brake pads incorporate NRS®  technology between the friction material and the back plate. This reduces the risk of delamination and increases durability.


Better for the Environment, Better for You…

EV is better for the environment, and governments are starting to take notice. From diesel bans in European cities to thermal engine bans across entire countries, the automotive industry is changing.


As a leader in electrification, Valeo aims to deliver the best possible offer to customers with electrified vehicles, while supporting those drivers who are making the transition to electric. Brake pads are a significant part of that change.

“The strong order intake recorded proves that Valeo has the right positioning and technologies in a rapidly changing sector. This means that our customers trust us to support them in this transformation.” – Christophe Périllat, Valeo CEO


More to Come in 2024!

As extensive as Valeo’s new brake pads range is, there is no stopping there. An extension of 30 more references will be launched in Q3 of 2024, covering even more vehicles.


When it comes to EV, Valeo has what you need…!