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‘I Care 4 The Planet’ is Valeo’s new sustainable strategy for making sure the automotive aftermarket is as environmentally friendly and affordable as possible.

Remanufacturing is a great Way 4ward

An important factor in reducing the automotive aftermarket’s impact on the environment is in creating a more sustainable product portfolio. A remaining product reuses, on average, 80% of the material, and according to life-cycle analysis, reduces carbon footprint on average by 50 to 80% in comparison with a new product.

In line with the aim to reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050, Valeo Service has ramped up its efforts in the Reman sector. As of November 2022, Valeo Service had 8,186 references in its European portfolio and, in 2023, will continue launching 500+ references on existing product families. On top of this, new and more technical product families will be released onto the market including the e-compressor, e-drive, and torque convertors, which will sit alongside traditional product categories such as clutches, starters & alternators, and compressors.

Spreading the Word

Launching new references alone, however, is of course not enough.

In 2022, in collaboration with their partners, Valeo Service used digital training sessions to successfully teach more than 100,000 automotive industry professionals. These sessions covered pure electrification topics (mild-hybrid technologies and “Basic” level of full electrification), EV associated products (such as Dual Dry Clutches, Dual Wet Clutches, and torque converters), and Reman. 

What’s more, Valeo Service has made identifying the Reman alternative for each truck clutch kit simpler than ever before, thanks to its digital tool, “Truck Clutch kit finder”. Frost & Sullivan awarded it the title of European New Product Innovation in 2022.

Packaged 4 the Future

The next area of attention I Care 4 the Planet will focus on is the eradication of plastics and the reduction of ink consumption in packaging. These efforts go hand-in-hand with the increasing use of recycled materials, utilizing biodegradable materials, and of course, reducing the amount of packaging used in the first place.

Logically speaking, Logistics


The final area I Care 4 the Planet has identified as crucial, going forwards, is that of logistics. Logistics naturally plays an important role in ensuring that goods and services reach customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. But a modern logistics system must also take the environment into account.

First, Valeo Service puts high attention on producing as close as possible to the markets where the products are distributed. In addition, Valeo Service is looking at reducing carbon emissions by developing direct deliveries to customers so as to avoid intermediate steps along the way. This approach is completed by supporting the Reforest Action association: Valeo Service plants a tree for each ton of direct delivery, helping to create a virtuous logistics distribution flow.

This being said, Valeo Servicing isn’t forgetting the small things and also plans to optimize transportation fill rates by consolidating shipments and improving the stackability of products. All of which will greatly reduce tons of CO2 emissions.

I Care 4 the Planet is not just about the big things, but also about dealing in the details. And going forwards, wherever the I Care 4 the Planet logo is seen, aftermarket professionals can be sure that they are working with products which put the environment first.

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