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Valeo Clim Spray

Valeo ClimSpray ™ car air conditioning disinfectant spray

Disinfect your interior and fight against the Coronavirus !




Use Valeo ClimSpray ™ to disinfect and purify your cabin! This protects yourself against viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria and fungi.

The solution used in Valeo ClimSpray ™ has just obtained certification from an independent medical laboratory, attesting to its compliance with European standards for antimicrobial efficacy. This solution makes it possible to disinfect and purify the passenger compartment of vehicles. Its property is to render coronavirus-type viruses, bacteria and fungi inactive.

Valeo ClimSpray ™ complies with bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal standards EN14476 + A2 (proven efficacy against coronavirus-type viruses), EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN1276 and EN13697.

Valeo ClimSpray ™ comes in the form of a spray that anyone can use. Its action is automatic. By simple spraying, it disinfects the interior of the vehicle in 15 minutes flat. The action of the purifier is twofold: it prevents the proliferation of infectious microorganisms at the source and diffuses a pleasant fragrance. Valeo ClimSpray ™ is compatible with plastic and rubber and leaves no marks or stains after use.


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