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The Launch of Ritz Evaporator

The wait is over! Valeo Thermal Specialist finally launched the Evaporator Assy for Maruti Ritz with Valeo Reference 814551. The OES Cross Link for this part number is 95410M83K00

This was the right time for us to launch and Valeo  pricing is 15% lower than OES, since ours is matching quality. Also compared to other IAM players we are far superior in quality and durability, since this evaporator is produced at Valeo Thermal Plant. The Quality of our product is tested, proven and validated in the market. Presently the OES manufacturer has not launched this part number in IAM and competition is outsourcing.

The Vehicles in Operation of Maruti Ritz model is around 340000 which is a substantial potential to tap. We would be expecting the business to get around 0.8 Million every month