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Launch of Condenser


The Thermal Systems specialist continuously expands its product coverage with the launch of over 2 Condenser references for Mercedes ML series and Renault Duster 110 BHP boosting the range and featuring an exact fit and optimized cooling efficiency.
Valeo is the global Thermal Systems Specialist with more than 60 years of experience in O.E. This provides Valeo Condenser range legitimacy on the Aftermarket.


Condenser Working Understanding 


The air conditioning condenser is a heat exchanger.

Located in front of the vehicle, right in front of the radiator, this part receives high-pressure, hot refrigerant from the compressor. Refrigerant flows through the condenser and cools off from either the wind when driving at highway speeds, or air blowing from electric cooling fans or the fan clutch at low speeds and idle.

Older condensers were built using a serpentine design, meaning one long tube was folded back and forth, with just a single path for the refrigerant to flow through. Newer designs are called parallel flow, and have many tubes stacked horizontally, connected to a vertical tube at each end. Refrigerants can travel many different paths through a parallel flow condenser.


4 Usual Defects in Condenser 


1. Warm Air From A/C Vents.

This is probably the first thing you will notice if your A/C condenser is failing. When you switch on the AC and you get Warm Air instead of Cool Air (Even after running for some time),

The A/C condenser should be inspected for blockages or defects which cause restrictions in airflow.

If there is a block in the condenser then the whole system will be a failure.

2.Foul Smell or Burning Smell

-If there is a blockage in the Condenser, The vehicle can’t release the heat of the Condenser  and the A/C system builds up with heat, then eventually the temperature of all of the parts will increase to the point that components start burning and emitting a smell while the A/C is turned on.

This is a serious problem and One has to inspect each and every part for malfunction.If required once will have to replace many parts.

3.Overheating While Idling

-As the previous issue, a vehicle that isn’t circulating refrigerant through the A/C condenser successfully won’t eliminate heat well so it will build up in the system.

Normally, the A/C condenser is cooled by the air flow it receives once the vehicle starts moving again, but if too much heat is built up by a faulty condenser then this normal behavior just won’t be enough cooling.

4.Refrigirant Leaks

-As the A/C condenser contains refrigerant under high pressure, it is more prone to leaks if there are any vulnerabilities in the part.

Leaks due to failing seals is a normal part of the aging of the condenser, but the entire part should be replaced before all of the refrigerant leaks out of the system.

Signs to look out for Regularly

You need to be on the lookout for Condenser malfunctions. Below are some of the signs to look out for:

  • Impaired cooling
  • Overheating of the Condenser.
  • Signs of physical damage to the Condenser coils.
  • No blockage for Condenser to Cool.
  • Condenser Fan running fine.


Valeo, a global leader in Thermal solutions, introduces 2 new Condenser part references.



  • Mercedes :-



  • Renault:-



Launch of Condenser for IAM-India 

Valeo is taking up the challenge of a fast growing market and more demanding operations in workshops. Making mechanics day to day work easier is the core of the Valeo strategy, and goes through delivering the right coverage and providing clever services. With the Launch of condensers for Mercedes ML series and Renault Duster now Valeo will have much more to offer to the Indian Market