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Valeo is helping transform the automotive industry by developing its portfolio for Hybrid and Electric vehicles with traditional and new product technologies.


It is no secret that the automotive world is undergoing a major electric revolution – and Valeo sits at the very heart of it.

To reduce its carbon footprint, the European parc is being electrified through multiple initiatives – and by 2030, more than 30% of vehicles on the road are set to be electrified.

Many opportunities will appear in the aftermarket. New spare parts will be equipped in Hybrid and Electric vehicles, and a challenge such as accessing parts is going to be a top priority for actors working in the IAM.

The two domains that will be most impacted by electrification are Powertrain and Thermal Management. Valeo has already made huge advancements in both areas.

  1. With the aim of providing more sustainable mobility solutions for the drivers of tomorrow, Automotive Powertrains are being completely overhauled. Valeo’s recent acquisition of Siemens eAutomotive has strengthened its position as the world leader in electrification. Valeo boasts a full range of low and high voltage electric powertrain solutions.
  2. In brand new vehicles, Thermal Management Systems control the temperature of both the cabin and the battery.
    Once again, Valeo is an OE leader thanks to innovative thermal solutions invented for ICE, Hybrid, and Electric vehicles. Correctly functioning thermal management systems of electric and hybrid vehicles are essential in ensuring High Voltage Components function safely. This happens by cooling or heating High Voltage components, but also by ensuring that High Voltage batteries maintain an optimal temperature range – and with it, have a longer lifetime.

By offering the aftermarket these new technologies for electrified vehicles, Valeo is helping steer the ongoing electric revolution. This strategy began in 2020, with the launch of the iBSG (Integrated Belt-driven Starter Generator) for Mild Hybrid Technologies, which was the very first one on the market.

This was soon followed in 2022 by the introduction of the DWC DMFs – technology that was recognized as hugely innovative in helping reduce the noise, vibration, and harshness associated with the start-stop mechanism of hybrid vehicles.

The most recent aftermarket innovation in electrification involves the launch of electric compressors — which are one of the key products in thermal management systems. 

By the end of 2023, Valeo will be launching new High Voltage components, including powertrain products such as inverters, OBCs (On Board Chargers), and eDrives. Thermal Management components that ensure the correct functioning of the battery (with chillers and battery blowers) will also be launched.

In addition to new product launches, Valeo offers a technical support program that includes fitting instructions, live training sessions, webinars, interactive presentations, and videos from the Valeo Tech@ssist free Online Technical web platform. This is available in more than eight languages.

Valeo is committed to the active development of its portfolio for Hybrid and Electric vehicles, including traditional and new product technologies. Valeo has already developed 4,500 maintenance parts.

The ambition is to reach 6,000 parts by the end of 2023.



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