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Benefits of CPX

Benefits of CPX


Benefits of CPX


CPX is an innovative , high-tech product to its already extensive range of hydraulic systems for brakes and clutches. The electro hydraulic clutch actuator (ECHA) for trucks is a perfect replacement for the original actuator .


Automated gear changing systems for trucks are based on a conventional mechanical gearbox but eliminate the clutch pedal. The ECHA which was developed plays an important role in this.


As a compact plug and play unit it takes the place of the mater / Slave cylinder and the clutch pedal . it automatically opens and closes the clutch.


i) Superior to pneumatic systems

No Clutch pedal , better fuel efficiency , lower Co2 emissions,  and less work for the driver 


ii)Designed for highly dynamic , precise clutch control in commercial  vehicles.


iii)Highly precise maneuvering, easier docking , safe uphill driving 


iv)Combines mechanical and hydraulic action with sensors and electronics.


v)Manufactured to the same high standards of quality as the original equipments -CPX

FTE has completely designed the actuator and developed its electronics and software , and also produces its aluminum and rubber parts 


Benefits of CPX - Valeo India


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