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Basic Understanding of a I-Stars Technology

Basic Understanding of a I-Stars Technology

In 2010, Valeo launched the second generation of belt driven starter alternator reversible machine, the i-StARS. i-StARS stands for Integrated Starter Alternator Reversible System.

 The aim of i-StARS development was:

 ● To offer more performance 

● To simplify the system integration in the numerous vehicle architectures. 

● To make the system affordable to more vehicles categories.

I-Stars Technology - Valeo India


The i-StARS machine is composed of:

● A rotor 

● A stator 

● A control frame with several micro electronics modules for control and power 

● A rotor angular position sensor 

● Two connectives systems, one for 12v battery cable and one for control signals 

● A brush holder 

● A heat sink 

● A fan system 

● Ball bearings 

● Housing and brackets 

● A poly-V pulley

I-Stars Technology - Valeo India

The i-StARS machine

 Contrary to the very first StARS machines, the i-StARS Technology embeds inside the body of the machine all control and power electronics required to manage the starting, the charging mode and new features. 

● No more power cable 

● No more external power controller

i-StARS development was a real technical challenge knowing all physical constraints that need to withstand underhood products, particularly when fitted onto the engine body.


What’s More with i-StARS?

i-StARS's power electronics improve the system's electrical efficiency to make it one of the most efficient alternators on the market. 

● i-StARS solution is lighter 

● i-StARS connectivity is comparable to the one of an alternator 

● Electronics continuous operating temperature capability is +25% higher 

● i-StARS is scalable up to 3 kW 

● i-StARS benefits from and increased torque capability 

● Best in class alternator efficiency thanks to synchronous rectification 

● Thermal management for higher peak torque output 

● Durability: 600,000 restarts


Engine-Off coasting and reflex start

 Engine-Off coasting is the ability while driving to: 

1-Switch the gearbox to neutral when no engine torque is required 

2-Stop the engine, the unique mechanical energy source being at that time the vehicle kinetic energy 

3-Drive the vehicle in freewheeling conditions up to a standstill state.


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