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Bajaj 3WH Clutch : Mechanic Meet

Valeo Service India South Team hosted a special dinner Meet for 3wh Mechanic at Warangal, Andhra Pradesh location as a part of promotional campaign for Bajaj 3wh Hand & Leg Clutch.

Valeo Service India launched their clutch in the 3WH segment

As a special promotional campaign for Bajaj 3WH Clutch,The goal was to Introduce the new part number to the Market and to increase the awareness on the range covered by Valeo.This event helped us to build a stronger sales strategy and increase the focus in the market and ultimately create brand loyalty. 

The event was started by a welcome speech by our South Regional Manager Mr. GVK Prabhu followed by a technical presentation by our Tech care Manager Mr. Narendran. We explained about the Technical superiority and advantages of Valeo products and kept the entire presentees  engaged throughout. Discussed the warranty structure and the procedure of warranty handling.We even discussed the pricing compared to other market players.

We had kept all the products on display so that the customers could feel the product first hand and get convinced that the product is of the Highest quality.All 90 Customers who were present were convinced and satisfied and even some selected customers gave the order for minimum MOQ the total order came upto 50 clutch sets.

Bajaj 3WH Clutch : Mechanic Meet 

We ended the event with providing a token of gratitude to all the attendees and had dinner together. Customers were extremely happy with the hospitality and promised to give business to Valeo.