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Advantages of Concentric Pneumatic Clutch Actuator - CPCA

Advantages of Concentric Pneumatic Clutch Actuator - CPCA


The Concentric Pneumatic Clutch Actuator (CPCA) is designed to optimize the performance of the clutch and manage the power transmission from the engine to the drivetrain.


The vehicle's automated manual transmission (AMT) system continuously determines the ideal release position and electronically controls clutch actuation via the CPCA.


  • Direct replacement Reduction of external transmission interfaces


  • Pneumatic system   No need to drain fluids or deal with hazardous waste


  • Easy installation Quick calibration with a diagnostic tool


  • Comfortable Provides quick & smooth shifting


  • Efficient Maximizes clutch life




Valeo CPCA’s are designed according to the OE specifications


  • Durability tests according the OEM protocols
  • Tests on benches : 1Mo cycles
  • Fitting tests and road tests in all driving conditions


  • Specific analysis of the CPCA after 1Mo cycles:
  • No Air leakage
  • Thermal resistance
  • Level of Noise and vibrations
  • Durability of the ball bearing


  • Results of the analysis vs OE specifications

       Valeo CPCA  matches the OE standards