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Car condensers for air conditioning system
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Car condensers for air conditioning system

Car condensers for air conditioning system

Valeo has strengthened its positions as one of the world leading air conditioning manufacturers worldwide

Valeo is a full air conditioning loop expert providing the majority of the A/C and HVAC (Heating and Ventilation A/C) components to car manufacturers

Valeo follows Car Manufacturers worldwide with O.E. plants producing condensers in Europe, Asia and Americas 


Innovation: Valeo Water Condensers

Valeo's water-cooled condenser for air conditioning works as part of a specific hot loop/cold loop thermal management architecture. The water-cooled condenser, in addition to the watercooled charge air cooler, links the engine cooling loop to the A/C system. This innovative condenser uses water instead of air to liquefy air-conditioning refrigerant vapor.

Valeo’s water-cooled condenser significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions when compared with conventional condensers.

It also reduces pressure fluctuations in the air conditioning system. What’s more, the water-cooled condenser does not need to be located in front of the radiator, which:

  • Frees up space for additional components in hybrid model
  • Reduces the radiator fan's electricity use by making it easier for air to circulate.

The condenser is mass produced for the new BMW 3 Series.


Focus on performance: SHP+ condensers

Valeo’s patented SHP+ condensers improve the cooling performance through re-designed micro-tubes and a compact crimping process.

This technology ensures a better thermal performance and a reduction of consumption (compressor torque reduction). This technology features in mass production on Asian and European vehicles since 2014.

Why Choose Valeo technology and innovation ?

  • Choosing Valeo, you benefit from a One-Stop-Shop supplier solution with all the components linked to the Air Conditioning and Thermal loops in your vehicle (Compressor, Condenser, Blower, Radiators, Fan Systems, A/C accessories, Tooling)
  • Valeo O.E. quality ensures you an effective fitting and an optimal functioning for your workshop
  • Valeo Service offers you an adapted logistics service with its 8 European distribution platforms and its optimized pallet or container offers for fast movers



Top product references

818171 - CITROEN C4 (2004>)

817777 - VW Golf V (2003>)

817608 - RENAULT Mégane (2002)

817824 - PEUGEOT 407 (2004>)

818015 - RENAULT Trafic 2.5 dCi (2006>)

817809 - OPEL Vectra (2002>2005)

814172 - RENAULT Trafic 06>

814077 - DACIA Sandero

818001 - PEUGEOT 206 09/03 >


New product references

814421 - Opel Astra G

814029 - VW Transporter IV

814433 - FIAT Seicento

814037 - TOYOTA Corolla 

814044 - MERCEDES C Classe


… and many more