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Webinar for Dual Mass Flywheel Technology

As part of product awareness and training activities of Tech Care Management-VS India, we have launched a webcast training on DMF in the month of Aug 2020.


What is the role of Tech Care?

Tech Care teams provide diagnostics, training, support to car dealers, spare parts distributors and independent garages worldwide.



What is this Dual Mass Flywheel Webcast discussing all about?

This webcast on DMF has covered the below topics about DMF technologies.

  1. What is a DMF?
  2. Technological differences in DMF
  3. When to replace a DMF?
  4. How to check free play and Tilt?


What is Valeo Webcast or Webinar?

  • This is a tool to help the Mechanics / Retailers on their daily work
  • Short, useful & direct to prevent and solve issues in assembly process 
  • Top of fitting cautions consulted by garages to our worldwide technicians 
  • A way to avoid time & costs leaks in garages
  • Based in expertise, in knowledge and in field technical issues 
  • Always available to share and consult by fast way


How to access the Webcasts?


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What is the effectiveness of this Dual Mass Flywheel Webinar?

Total of 101 attendees have been recorded so far an average watching time of 17 minutes (total webcast duration is 15 minutes) which is a very good sign for the webinar engagement and the overall response from the attendees is good.

List of attendees include Distributors, retailers & mechanics from different locations.




How to Access the Webinar?

Please click on the Webcast link below to access the webinar content for free, it just takes 15 minutes to learn something today.

Click HERE

Happy Learning !!!