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Webinar for Clutch Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide

Webinar for Clutch Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Guide

Tech care management of valeo service India have launched a webcast training on Clutch Diagnostics which will be very useful for the Garages and our customers in assessing the complaints.

What is this webinar discussing all about ?

This webcast on clutch diagnostics has covered the below topics about Diaphragm type Clutches and the major issues and causes.

  1. Fitting recommendation 
  2. Troubleshooting guide 
  3. Feature & Benefits of Valeo Clutches 

What are all the most common Clutch complaints we face and what should we do to resolve it ?


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What is Valeo Webcast or Webinar ?

  • This is a tool help the Mechanic /  Retailers on their daily work
  • Short, useful & direct to prevent and solve issues in assembly process
  • Top of fitting cautions consulted by garages to our worldwide technicians 
  • A way to avoid time & costs leaks in garages
  • based in expertise, in knowledge and in field technical issues 
  • Always available to share and consult by fast way 

 How to access the webcasts ?


How to Access the Webinar ?

Please click on the Webcast link below to access the webinar content for free, it just takes 17 minutes to learn something new today.


Clutch diagnostics and Troubleshooting guide - LINK ( duration 17 minutes )

Happy Learning !!!