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Valeo Service Trade Fair, Ranaghat-West Bengal

Ranaghat Trade Fair
Valeo Service India took part in a Trade Fair, which was held in Ranaghat, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Ranaghat Automotive Trade Fair is an event held every year with effective target audience of Mechanics, Retailers, Vehicle Owners and Drivers. Valeo Service attended the event by placing a Canopy Stall with Valeo Range of products.

Trade Fair

The primary focus was on the display of the Clutch Heavy Duty Segment.  The entire sales and service team of the Valeo Service Eastern Region was present in this event.

Mr. Athanu Kundu, Service Engineer of Valeo Service explained the technical details and warranty policy of Clutch heavy duty to the attendees. Mr.Surajit das, Area Sales Manager of Valeo Service West Bengal gave insights about the commercial details of the products.

Secondary counter sales order of 15 Clutches was placed with the local Valeo distributor.

Pen and Key-chain was distributed to all the attendees as a token of gratitude. After the Trade Fair the  calls on request for the Valeo Clutch is quite high.

The event was a great success!!