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Valeo Service India’s Customer Convention 2020

The Valeo Service India’s Customer Convention 2020 was held at Chennai on January 9 & 10, 2020. Over sixty aftermarket customers and VSA team along with senior management members from Valeo India gathered at the Sheraton Grand Hotel to attend the two-day convention.

The Convention commenced with an inaugural address by Mr. Sriram Viswanathan, Managing Director, VSA. He warmly welcomed all participants and detailed the two-day agenda. 

Valeo Service Customer Convention 2020

This was followed by a special address by Mr. Ashok Belani, Group President and Managing Director, Valeo India. During his speech, Mr. Belani thanked the customers and team VSA for their stellar performance in 2019.

The evening focused on recognising the top performers among VSA customers and employees with “Valeo Service Awards”. The award trophies were given away to the winners by Mr. Belani. The evening ended with a Gala Dinner.

The second day of the convention opened with Ms. Banumathy Sekar, Sales Development Manager, VSA welcoming the guests warmly. Mr. Sriram Viswanathan kick-started the day by giving the audience a glimpse of the current auto industry status, Valeo India’s market position and the challenges and opportunities for Valeo Service in 2020. This was followed by presentations made by the Senior Management members of VSA. Mr. Ranganathan Rajagopal, Regional Sales Director detailed the Sales Performance in 2019. Ms. Hema Iyer, Database Manager took the participants the digitalisation plans of VSA, India, which is aimed at utilising technology effectively to further strengthen the sales and marketing processes. Mr. Muthukumar Tharmaraj, Divisional Marketing Manager, VSA, outlined the Marketing Policy for the year 2020 and shared details of improved and new marketing initiatives on Coupon Management, Loyalty Program, Bundle Scheme etc. that will benefit the customers.

The convention ended with an open-house session, where Mr. Sriram Viswanathan clarified various queries raised by the customers. He thanked the participants for attending the convention and expressed his confidence on VSA, India exceeding the targets in 2020 once again with the support of the customers!