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Valeo Service Electrical Shoppe

The First Valeo Service Electrical Shoppe Launched in Bengaluru.

First-of-its-kind exclusive service facility for “High-end Auto Electrical Components” in the country launched in association with its Aftermarket Channel Partner Santrupthi Sanco.

Valeo, the global automotive technology supplier has set-up Valeo Service Electrical Shoppe on Fort Road, Lal Bagh, Bengaluru, an exclusive service facility for “High-end Auto Electrical Components” in the country. Through Valeo Electrical Shoppe, Valeo aims to provide reliable and superior quality service that is fast and cost-effective.  

In the Indian automotive repair market, 65 % of the electrical spare parts are refit rather than replaced. In this cost driven context, the quality of the original part and the corresponding services is key. Valeo has thus launched “Valeo Electrical Shoppe” in association with its Channel Partner Santrupthi Sanco, the largest Auto Electrical Distributor in the country.

The evolution of auto technology and the resulting increase in the auto electrical content in high-end passenger cars and other vehicles has created a demand for skilled servicing of the auto electrical parts. Due to the high cost of these parts, both automobile dealerships and the end-customers prefer to service and refit the components rather than replacing them. The Valeo Electrical Shoppe is the result of acknowledgement of this evolving customer preference. Through Valeo Electrical Shoppe, the company aims to service auto electrical parts efficiently and economically and deliver them to the customers who own vehicles with Valeo components. This facility houses high-end testing machines that can test all parameters, detect even minor faults and generate a traceability code to record history for future servicing.

At Valeo Shoppe, the customers will benefit not only from being guaranteed of genuine Valeo parts, but also from the defective part being serviced and brought back to the standard of a brand new one and delivered to them with a Valeo six-month guarantee. Valeo Shoppe will be the first service facility in the country to provide warranty for reconditioned and remanufactured parts.

In addition, Valeo Shoppe will also buyback original Valeo assemblies from the customers and will recondition with genuine Valeo parts and sell them at an affordable price through the outlet. This initiative, a significant step towards fighting the spurious spares market will also help Valeo to reach the company’s products to a larger customer base cost-effectively.

This first-of-its-kind Valeo Shoppe will employ a team of technicians who are skilled in servicing high-end auto electrical products and a team of runners, who will pick the defective parts and deliver them after service to the customers at their doorstep. Valeo Shoppe promises a turnaround time of 5 hours for the serviced part to be delivered to the customer, from the time the call for repair is received. 

To cater to cost conscious and service driven Indian market, Valeo plans to add four more Valeo Shoppes across the country by 2020. Valeo Shoppe for all Valeo products will be established in Chennai and Delhi, and an exclusive outlet for auto electrical components will be opened in Gujarat and Kolkatta.

In the Indian auto aftermarket, Valeo has a significant presence and provides Valeo’s smart technology products such as Transmission, Electrical, Wipers, Thermal, Lighting, Filters, Shox/Sturts, Coolants and FTE Hydraulics to the customers.  Valeo’s aftermarket division, Valeo Service provides a full array of services of replacement parts and to the independent aftermarket, catering to the market needs for repair, maintenance and crash.

Santrupthi Sanco is Valeo’s trusted distribution partner since 2014 in Karnataka for both Import and Domestic range of electrical parts.