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Valeo Park Assist

Want relaxing drives and easy parking? Whatever car you own, being on the road just got a whole lot easier.

Valeo is an industry leader in driving and parking assistance technology and now anyone can access these revolutionary products, thanks to Valeo Service’s range of products for the aftermarket.


Driving and Parking assistance for everyone 


Valeo Service is proud to offer a wide range of advanced driving and parking assistance systems for the aftermarket, whatever car you drive.

 Valeo’s driving and parking assistance range helps protect your car against accidents and incidental damage - saving you from costly repairs - while improving road handling and all-round driving pleasure. And, they’re easy to fit.

 The range consists of multiple parking assistance systems, and driving help such as Valeo beep & park™ and Valeo park vision™.






Next Generation 'Smart Parking'


Building on our expertise in driving and parking assistance, Valeo has teamed up with Cisco to develop a revolutionary automated smart parking system: Cyber Valet Services.

 Cars equipped with Valeo Park4U® technology can now have their cars parked automatically in car parks that feature Cisco Parking Controller technologies.

To park their car, all drivers need to do is get out of their vehicle at the entrance of the car park and activate the automatic parking system via their smartphone. The vehicle will then drive autonomously and park itself in a parking space. When the driver is ready to leave, they just activate the system again and with a few clicks the car will meet them at the drop-off point. Easy!




Valeo, leading the way in driving and parking assistance technology! Trust the Specialist.