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Technological Advancement on Wiping system by Valeo

Recent advances in technology Valeo, an automotive aftermarket super power, are significantly improving wiper performance, durability and driver safety.


Valeo Service are the industry leaders in car wipers and Wiping Systems – more than 50% of vehicles coming off the assembly line in Europe are fitted with Valeo wiper blades, Valeo aftermarket range covers 95% of the India car market – and Valeo are continually looking for ways to improve Wiper Blade technology.

One of the major improvements to Wiper Blades in recent years has been the development of the Flat wiper blade.

Where conventional wiper blades have between four and eight pressure points in contact with a car’s windscreen, Flat Blades feature hundreds of contact points which create a uniform pressure along the entire length of the wiper.

The result is a significantly smoother, quieter and more consistent performance, particularly at higher vehicle speeds and during more intense use. That is, when we generally need wipers the most.

When combined with quality manufacturing like the European-made Valeo Silencio® and Valeo First, flat blades are not only safer, they are significantly more durable than traditional wiper blades. Less replacements mean more savings for motorists.

Another recent wiper breakthrough from Valeo was the development of the AquabladeTM. A winner of a 2018 PACE Award for innovation, the Valeo AquaBladeTM rethinks the way a car’s windscreen washing system operates.

Traditional wiping systems spray washer fluid from jets beneath the windscreen. While effective in distributing fluid onto the windshield, this system can result in a number of shortcomings such as an uneven distribution of fluid, high fluid waste, and performance that is often dependent on vehicle speed. Most importantly, as far as driver safety is concerned, traditional jet sprays obstruct driver visibility while in use.

The Valeo AquaBladeTM rethinks the windscreen washing operation and directly addresses these flaws. Washing fluid is not projected onto the windshield from jets but distributed through channels along the entire length of each Wiper Blade.

As a result, the windscreen surface covered by the wiper is uniformly cleaned, regardless of vehicle speed or wind conditions. The right amount of fluid is always provided right where it’s needed, reducing fluid consumption by as much as half and reducing overall carry weight. Crucially, there is a significant improvement in visibility during a clean. With poor visibility playing a role in a number of car accidents, this breakthrough can only have a positive effect on road safety.

Valeo Wiper Blades are designed to be extremely quick and easy to install – they are able to be replaced in a matter of seconds – and Valeo’s packaging features step-by-step fitting instructions. There are also a number of instructional videos online.

The attention to simplicity of design continues through to the process of finding the correct replacement model. Each wiper blade packet clearly shows the vehicle makes and models the wiper is suitable for.

Valeo Service recommends replacing wiper blades as soon as they show any sign of wear that results in a loss of wiping effectiveness, or at least every 12 months.


Watch Valeo AquaBlade Video :