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Launch of Renault Duster / Nissan Terrano 6 Speed

The wait is over! Valeo Clutch Specialist finally launches the Clutch Set for Renault Duster 6 speed / Nissan Terrano 6 speed with Valeo Reference No. 877033. The OES Cross Link for this part number is 302025750R.


Renault Duster / Nissan Terrano 6 Speed

As the market for SUV  rapidly grew in India, Renault had launched Duster model in 2014 and Nissan Motor company owned by Renault launched similar platform to Duster and named it as Terrano.Since the time of launch both Duster & Terrano  are doing exceptionally well in the Indian market with steady increase the market share year on year. 

This  is the right time for Valeo to introduce clutch set for Duster 6 speed 110 PSI and Terrano 6speed 110 PSI in IAM segment considering the increase in the vehicle population.

Major advantage for Valeo launching this product would be, a complete range offer as Valeo is already present in base models for Duster and Terrano and now we have our presence in 6 speed 110 PSI models as well.

Valeo priced this clutch very aggressively  as compared to OES and other IAM players to gain immediate market share. Compared to other IAM players Valeo is far superior in quality and durability.The Quality of our product is tested, proven and validated in the market. 

The Vehicles in Operation for Renault Duster/Nissan Terrono estimated around 150000 nos, which is a substantial potential to achieve a monthly turn over of 0.15 MINR.


Launch of Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster for IAM-India.

The launch of Renault Duster/Nissan Terrano  Clutch set should  increase market share in the Passenger car segment.