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Launch of Bharat Benz Clutch Set for IAM-India

A major breakthrough for Valeo in becoming the second supplier of Bharat Benz Clutch set after OES.

As the population of Bharat benz trucks is increasing in Indian market it was the right time for Valeo to manufacture and supply the Clutch set for Bharat Benz.

As this is also a OE supply it will be easy for us to approach customers and market the same.

Bharat Benz is slowly becoming a major player in Trucking industry and has aggressively placed their network to beat the existing top players.

The company has already become 3rd highest truck seller in India for the year 2019 and will soon beat the top players as well.It was very much required for a clutch manufacturer like Valeo to come up in IAM.

Valeo has finally come up with the product to cater the ever growing need of clutch in the market. Valeo being well priced and known brand it will not be difficult to market the product.

There will be 3 part numbers, Clutch cover (843244), Clutch disc(843245) and the combination of both as Clutch set (843246) it will cater to the needs of the customer very well.