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Flat Wiper Blade Advantages

Valeo Flat Blade Wipers Advantages vs The Traditional Wiper Blades






Selecting windshield wiper blades is one of the most important, but overlooked, decisions drivers make about their vehicles.

Windshields are never perfectly flat. In fact, most modern windshields are becoming more and more curved to prevent wind drag and increase aerodynamics. The force distribution on the windshield will be equal at all the points throughout the length of the wiper.

The demand for Flat Blade wipers is growing day by day in OEM’s and the same effect is in AfterMarket also.

Many drivers realize that their windshield wipers need replacing either during a torrential downpour or when a mechanic cocks an eyebrow and recommends a change. While we may not think about it regularly: windshield wipers are vital to the safety of you, your passengers, and your vehicle. In fact, wiper blades are the number two safety feature on a vehicle, right behind the brakes! It is believed the type of blade does matter.

You should always be proactive when it comes to the safety of the ones your love. Valeo Flat Wipers are built to not only perform better in rainy conditions but snowy conditions as well. Understanding the differences between traditional and Valeo Flat Wipers can help you make the best decision for your car and as you’ll see Valeo Flat Wipers benefits outweigh the traditional model in every possible way.



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Advantages of Valeo Flat Wiper Blades against Conventional



  • As there are less moving parts in a Valeo Flat Blade Wipers the wear and tear will be very minimal and the replacement by damaged parts will be very less.
  • As Valeo Flat Blade exactly sits on the shape of the Car  Windshield  the cleaning area becomes good when compared to Traditional wipers. The spots which are not cleaned in Traditional wipers will no longer exist in Valeo Flat Blade.
  •  Valeo Flat Blades are Aerodynamically designed so even in high wind the blade will stick to the windshield.
  • Even though the price is little more than the Traditional wipers the wiping quality and the performance is better in Valeo Flat Wiper Blades.
  • Valeo Flat Wiper Blades are of single piece and no parts are exposed reducing the risk of any clogs and creating any rust.
  • Because of the shape and design the aesthetics of the car also improves.
  • As it is made of one single piece and is flexible, It fits exactly to the curves and shape of the Windshield leaving no gap in coverage.








Why people still prefers a Traditional wiper blade :


Traditional blades have been around since windshield wipers first appeared on cars in the early 20th century. Often overlooked, and mostly misunderstood, consumers usually go for the cheaper traditional variety.

 Flat wiper blades may be a little expensive but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Understanding the differences shows that there are certain items worth paying a little extra for – especially for something essential to vehicle safety.

In the long run, the better quality and design of Valeo Flat Wiper Blades will save consumers money.