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Customer Meeting in Hassan | Valeo Service

Valeo Service India conducted customer meeting for Heavy duty Clutches products in Hassan, Karnataka on 19th Oct'19 which has a huge agriculture base and is very strong in heavy commercial vehicle presence. Since Valeo service products presence is very weak in Hassan and surrounding area, this awareness building meet was much more needed.

In the midst of the slow economic growth, Valeo service is still holding a strong position and conducted customer meeting for Heavy duty clutch products and had a footfall of 80 customers in Hassan, Karnataka on 19th Oct'19. Top workshop owners took the time out of their busy schedule and attended the event. All the heavy duty clutches were kept on display in the hall for customers to have a feel factor. 

The event kick started with a brief explanation about the company and our range of products, with a special slot for technical discussion about our fitments and the benefits associated with our clutches. There was a good feedback from the customers who fitted our products from clutches to lighting and compressor and gave their good reviews and even gave their bad reviews for improvement in the future. 

There was a high demand in the market for a flywheel product along with clutch plate cover assembly which we are currently supplying.The awareness for Valeo clutch parts was very less in Hassan area and this event has given a wide spread recognition for our product range on the whole and our team was able to generate secondary orders during the meeting itself which was a good sign for the first Customer meeting of Valeo in Hassan. With the current declining Automobile sales ruining the Auto ancillary sector the retailers and work shop owners were frightened with the unpredictable market situation but with Valeo's diverse range of products, quality and assurance they were ready to take up the next level challenge and extend their full support.

The event was an interactive session with work shop owners discussing their field issues openly with Valeo service team on a common platform and giving suggestions for improvement. It was a successful organization of the customer meeting by Valeo service karnataka team as a first timer and its just the beginning for them with many more to come in the near future.